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ACMG is dedicated to providing you and your dependents with the help you need and information you can understand. We want you to feel good about the healthcare benefit plan sponsored by your employer. When you login to the Member Portal, you will find 24-hour secure access to your paid claims and eligibility status. You will also find claim forms, be able to locate a healthcare provider, ask benefit questions, and other important information.

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With ACMG, you will have an employee benefits administration partner who will do everything possible to help you control the rising costs of health insurance while providing your valued employees with a healthcare benefit plan that meets their needs. Our Employer Portal will provide you and your HR team 24-hour secure access to claims and eligibility status, forms, enrollment and more. Answers to your benefit questions are all at your fingertips - whenever you need them.

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Provider Portal

Our website provides 24/7 secure access to comprehensive benefit plan information so you can find the information that you need to take care of your patients. ACMG web-based tools will assist you in assisting your patients and understanding the healthcare benefits provided to them by their employer.

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ACMG's Pharmacy Benefit provider is US/RX Care.


Your US/RX Member Portal Providers Access to the following:

The ACMG Pharmacy Network includes most pharmacies in your area. However, all pricing agreements with pharmacies are not the same. To assist you in finding the best value for your pharmacy needs, we have identified the lowest cost pharmacies in your area. 

We had two prescriptions to fill, so I went to a national pharmacy chain. The cost was $90 for a single month of just one of the drugs I needed. Then I checked at a local “Hometown Pharmacy” which I found on the ACMG Pharmacy shopper web page and it was $89 for a THREE month supply of BOTH drugs - a HUGE savings! I couldn’t be happier. The money I saved is MY money.  It was relatively easy and painless to be a smart shopper!


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The ACMG Pharmacy shopping tool helped me find another convenient pharmacy that saved me $30 on my monthly prescription compared to my current pharmacy even though both pharmacies were in network. By helping me be a better shopper I saved almost $400 a year as did our self-funded health plan through ACMG and Bon Secours!

Kim C.

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Pharmacy Benefits

For general questions use the form below to contact us. For provider related questions click here.


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